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Workshops to Engage!

The interactive sessions are designed to build skills and to engage thought provoking conversations. We have 3 workshops that participants get to choose from!

Conflict Resolution Workshop

With the highly politcal and contentious nature of climate change discussion, open minded thought and willingness to cooperate is needed to reconcile fundamental difference of opinion. This session is designed to have participants develop necessary policy building skills in order to work with others of varying opinion and positions

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About the Coordinater

Bridget E. Brownlow, M.A., Con.Res.Cert.

Conflict Resolution Advisor

Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, Nova Scotia


Bridget Brownlow is the Conflict Resolution Advisor for Saint Mary’s University. She holds a Master’s degree (History) and is a certified conflict resolution specialist with over 25 years of extensive experience in organizational conflict management.

Part of her expertise is focused on delivering a wide range of appropriate dispute resolution services, training and education designed for students, faculty, staff and unions at all levels within the university.

For the past fifteen years, Bridget has been the Senior Coordinator for an international conflict resolution initiative in Northern Ireland. This involves working directly with students, faculty and staff in the development and implementation of peace education programs in collaboration with Peaceful Schools International and Saint Mary’s University.

Bridget is currently the President of Peaceful Schools International and teaches part-time in the Department of Political Science, Department of Irish Studies as well as the Faculty of Education at Saint Mary’s University.

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Forced Migration Simulation

In this activity participants work together in “family units”, making difficult decisions to maintain their supply of food, money, and health while securing their future post-conflict.

Networking Workshop

Are you helping to advance the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)? Let’s talk about it! The purpose of this session is to learn about the SDGs and generate conversation around which goals are important to you and what you are currently doing to contribute to the achievement of the goals. This workshop will go over the 17 SDGs and have participants engage with each of the goals and find partners in their efforts through a networking activity.

About the facilitator:

Samantha Burns is a proud alumna of Saint Mary’s University, having completed her BA in International Development Studies while simultaneously completing a BComm in Global Business Management. She is very passionate about integrating sustainability into her work and personal life, and completed an MA in Environmental Policy at Memorial University after her undergraduate degrees. She has recently returned to Saint Mary’s University to work as the PRME Coordinator with the Sobey School of Business. Samantha’s previous work experience includes a term as Assistant Editor with BNU-HKBU United International College in Zhuhai, China, Volunteer Coordinator with the Green Party of Canada for a federal election campaign in Victoria, BC, and Regional Program Management Intern with the United Nations Environment Programme’s Asia and the Pacific office in Bangkok, Thailand.

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