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ECIDS 2021: Global Health and Development

About ECIDS 2021

Schedule & Recordings


Recordings for the ECIDS 2021 panels can be found by clicking this link. 


- Marleigh Austin (PIH

- Dr. Gaya Gamwehage (WHO)

Panel 1: Humanitarian Response

- Chiran Livera (Canadian Red Cross)

- Dr. Catherine Abidi (Dallaire Institute)

- Dr. Diya Uberoi (Dalla Lana School)

Panel 2: Gender and Global Health

- Dr. Emily Kirk (Dalhousie)

- Dr. Meaghan Aston (Dalhousie)

- Melissa Blanchette (MIT)

Panel 3: Understanding the Relationship Between Health, Race, and Ethnicity

- Larissa Crawford (Future Ancestors Services)
- Dr. Rahma Elmahdi (Imperial College)

- Dr. Terrence Lewis (Dalhousie)

Panel 4: COVID Recovery and the WTO Waiver Dispute

- Dr. Gavin Fridell (SMU)

- Sangeeta Sashikant (Third World Network)

- Dr. Mustaqeem De Gama (U. Pretoria)

Panel 5: Climate Change and Health

- Dr. Kristie L. Ebi (U. Washington)

- Chúk Odenigbo (Future Ancestors)

- Dr. Kelsey Leonard (U. Waterloo)

Camille Bazot: Operations Co-Chair

While working on ECIDS 2021, Camille was in her final year of studies at Saint Mary’s University, double majoring in International Development Studies and Psychology. She has been recognized for her work at the National Model United Nations Conference in New York, and previously worked as a Research Assistant in the field of Literacy Development in Psychology. With a passion for education, Camille aspires to pursue a graduate degree in Education and Development upon completing her Bachelor of Arts.

Kayla Dunphy: Operations Co-Chair

While working on ECIDS 2021, Kayla was a fourth-year Bachelor of Arts student working towards a double major in International Development Studies and Anthropology. She has a particular interest for health and development as well as conflict resolution. Outside of her studies, she is currently the Senior Program Director for the Peaceful School International program at Saint Mary’s University and previously worked as an Administrative Assistant for the Victorian Order of Nurses.

Cerridwen Heron: Communications Chair

Cerridwen graduated in the spring after ECIDS 2021 with a Bachelor of Arts in International Development Studies and Political Science. Passionate about migration and health, her interest in development stems from her experiences abroad working on projects in Kenya, Peru and the Philippines. Before studying at Saint Mary’s University, Cerridwen became a CELTA certified ESL teacher and taught English in China. She is currently a member of the Global Shapers Halifax hub.

Trinity Gadway: Marketing and Communications Assistant

While working on the ECIDS 2021 team, Trinity was a second year student, studying International Development Studies. Before studying at Saint Mary's University, she volunteered in northern Thailand with a Rustic Pathways project that funds secondary education for rural students. In addition to her studies, she was also a Teaching Assistant for the Philosophy department. 

ECIDS 2021 was held online via Zoom in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. The online nature of the conference gave us the opportunity to reach a more diverse audience; We had 117 people register from 16 countries, across 5 continents! While the majority of participants were from Canada and the United States, people also registered from South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.  


Amara Bangura (he/him):
Panel: Humanitarian Response: Healthcare in Emergencies.

Abby Dooksshe/her:
Panel: Gender and Global Health Development.

Bhavani Esapathishe/her:
Panel: Understanding the Relationship Between Health, Race and Ethnicity.

Yankun Lishe/they

Panel: Climate Change and Health: How Does the Environment We Live in Compromise Our Health?

Dr. Karen McAllistershe/her:
Panel: Trade and Pandemics: COVID Recovery and the WTO Waiver Dispute.

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