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The Founding Members

ECIDS was founded in 2019 by IDSUS students. 

Read the full story on the About Us page, and see the About IDS page for more info about the program at SMU and the society.


Cerridwen Heron

Founding Fundraising Chair

Cerridwen will become SMU Alumni in Spring 2021 upon completing her double major degree in International Development Studies and Political Science. She became a society member in 2018, and has served as the Director of Fundraising (2019-2020) and Vice President (2020-2021) for the society.


Camille Bazot

Founding Marketing Chair

Camille will graduate in May 2021, receiving her degree in International Development Studies and Psychology. Joining the society in 2018, Camille later became Director of Marketing and Social Media (2019-2020), before advancing to the role of Co-President (2020-2021).


Robert E. Richardson

Founding Operations Chair

Robert graduated from Saint Mary's University in 2020, with Honours in International Development Studies, a major in Economics, and a minor in Political Science. Joining in 2017, Robert served as Vice President (2017-2018), before becoming President (2018-2019)  and Director of Operations (2019-2020).


Katheryn Lewis

Founding Communications Chair

Katheryn received her Bachelor of Arts in 2020 with a double major in International Development Studies and Political Science as well as a minor in Spanish.  Joining the society as Treasurer (2017-2018), Katheryn has also served as Vice President (2018-2019) and the Director of Communications (2019-2020).

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