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Peace, Conflict, and Justice

ECIDS 2023

Academic & Professional Perspectives on Peace and Conflict


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Saja Al Zoubi

Dr. Al Zoubi isa Development Economist. She is a lecturer of Development and political studies at the Global Development Department, and Political Science Department at Saint Mary’s University. Dr. Al Zoubi is a livelihood and gender expert for the European Union Delegation (EUD) to Syria. She has worked as Gender and Forced Migration, and Middle East Politics lecturer at Christ church collage and Department of politics and International Relations at the University of Oxford; Researcher at Oxford Department for International Development; and a visiting scholar at Glasgow university. Her research has focused on broadly on issues of gender and rural development, including issues of women’s empowerment. Since the war broke out in Syria in 2011, her concern has been researching ways to improve the livelihoods and food security of affected households including internal displaced and refugee households, especially women-headed households. Meanwhile, she examines the host country responses through its policies and politics that reshape refugee livelihoods and economics. Dr. Al Zoubi is a reviewer for several journal and conferences, as the Journal of Refugee Studies (JRS), Oxford University, and the Digest of Middle East Studies Journal. She is a co-leader of At-Risk scholars’ initiative at Global Young Academy, a steering committee member of ‘’Science in Exile’’ project at TWAS and IAP, and a fellow of International Science Council. Dr. Al Zoubi is a core member of Middle East Research Network on Internal Displacement (MERNID) with Refugee Law Initiative at the University of London, and a member of TWAS Young Affiliates.

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Marianela Fuertes

Marianela Fuertes is a human rights lawyer. She began her career in Colombia
where she worked for seven years at the Human Rights Commission (Colombia) as
a lawyer and was a law professor at the Colombian National University. In 2000,
Marianela was named an associate justice of the Constitutional Court of
Colombia. More recently, Marianela worked for eight years as a restorative justice
case worker for the Youth Court in Halifax NS, consulted for the UN High
Commission of Human Rights in Colombia, and worked as a research analyst in
Guatemala. Currently she woks at Dallaire Institute for Children, Peace and
Security, Dalhousie University as research advisor, and she teaches at Mount Saint
Vincent the course Roots of Peace and Conflict. Throughout her career, Marianela
has authored two books on constitutional law and human rights and has
contributed to various publications.

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Marc Doucet

Marc G. Doucet is a Full Professor of Political Science at Saint Mary’s University. He teaches in the field of International Relations and his current research examines contemporary forms of international intervention. In 2021, he held the inaugural Fulbright Canada Research Chair in the Humanities and Social Sciences at The Citadel Military College in Charleston, South Carolina. He is the author of Reforming 21st Peacekeeping Operations: Governmentalities of Security, Protection and Police (2018) and he is the co-editor of Security and Global Governmentality (2010). He has published articles in Journal of Intervention and Statebuilding; Review of Constitutional Studies; Security Dialogue; Theory & Event; Contemporary Political Theory; Millennium; Alternatives; and Global Society.  


Lyubov Zhyznomirksa

Lyubov Zhyznomirska is an Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science, Saint
Mary’s University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Her research interests include such issues as regional
migration governance, irregular migration, forced displacement, citizenship and belonging,
foreign policy and security studies, with the specialization in the European Union, Ukraine, and
Russia. Her current research project examines the reception of war-displaced Ukrainians in
Canada and Germany through a comparative lens. She has published in Comparative
European Politics, Ethnicities, edited collections on the EU’s relations with its Eastern
neighbourhood countries, and she co-edited (with A. Weinar and S. Bonjour) The Routledge
Handbook of the Politics of Migration in Europe (Routledge, 2019).

Graduate Student Perspectives on Peace and Conflict



Yankun Li

Yankun is a Master of Arts graduate from Saint Mary’s university. Yankun’s major research interests is in social justice issues caused in the process of urbanization and industrialization. Both Yankun’s honour’s thesis and master’s thesis discussed the unfair treatment faced by vulnerable communities, namely the urban poor, in the process of urbanization, using cases from different areas in China. Yankun is currently working alongside of Dr. Karen McAllister on the project about how the impact of Belt & Road Initiative on vulnerable communities in Southeast Asian countries has been reported differently by media in Western countries, China, and Southeast Asia.  


Tamana Abdul Hamid

"I'm Tamana Abdul Hamid (Saqi) MA candidate in global development studies. I'm a social activist, a settlement counsellor, and an author. My research focuses on Afghan women who immigrated to Canada and their integration into Canadian society. There are many undiscovered stories that I wish to uncover, including human rights, that we as Afghan women lack."


Samin Farhan

Samin is a first-year master’s student in Global Development Studies at Saint Mary’s university.
His current work focuses on Rohingya Refugee crisis and aspects of development organizations
working inside the camps in Bangladesh. Samin holds a Master’s and a Bachelor of Social
Science degree in International Relations from Bangladesh University of Professionals. He
worked as a Short-term Temporary at the World Bank where he was responsible for evaluation
and assessment of the secondary education in Bangladesh.


Emma Ruiz

Emma Ruiz is a first-year Master of Arts student in the International Development Studies
Program at Dalhousie University. She graduated from St. Thomas University in Fredericton
New Brunswick in the spring of 2022 with honours in human rights. Emma’s research is
focused on human rights and peace and conflict studies. She has a specific interest in the
Responsibility to Protect and its role and effectiveness as a United Nations doctrine, as well
as NATO’s actions during the 2011 crisis in Libya and the Responsibility to Rebuild.

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